Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review – Informs About the Products Quality!

Now day’s there are many dog food brands available in the market that are confusing the pet owners to choose the right one for better development of their dog. Due to huge demand many poor quality and artificial ingredients made foods are available that offers more harm to your dog than benefits. So, it is always much better for the pet owners to choose any brands after a complete study of their customers review and other related information. Customers review is the right option for the other pet owners because they can get opportunity to stay aware about the quality of brand.

· At the same way, the Taste of the Wild Dog food review is making a great impact on new customer regarding this best quality product. Taste of the Wild brand dog food is one of the leading pet brands in the market due to its natural ingredients that have never creates any sorts of negative effects on the dog’s health.

· Such dog foods have been manufactured by the leading company of the USA. Recently, three manufacturing facilities are available in the US for the Taste of the Wild Dog food and they are situated at California, Missouri, and South Carolina. Taste of the Wild Dog food is made of quality meats that are free of hormones and antibiotics. Instead of all these things, no chemical preservatives are available with any formula of the Taste of the Wild Dog food.

· As the name suggest, the Taste of the Wild Dog food is mixture of tastier and healthy ingredients like the rancid, vitamin E, and Vitamin C that are required for better development of pets. With the help of Taste of the Wild Dog food review, you can even find the ingredients like the low in carbohydrates, and grain-free contains that are easy to digest. So, this food formula is suitable for better growth of your dog.

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Karen said...

When looking for a good quality kibble for our American Bulldog, Taste of the Wild was highly rated as a grain-free food by independent reviewers. We fed our dog High Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison TOTW for over a year with no problems. In Sept. 2010, our dog had uncontrollable diarrhea. As nothing had changed in his diet, we thought it could be something he ate outside. After 10 days of feeding him boiled ground meat and rice we slowly reintroduced the TOTW back into his diet. Upon reaching 1/2 of the normal amount of kibble, the diarrhea began again. Into the vet we went for stool cultures (which turned out to be negative), antibiotics followed by probiotics. For the next 5 months, his GI tract was still not normal and we continued cooking his meals. Slowly we introduced other high quality, grain-free kibble into his diet. Our normally healthy dog was sickened for six months. Yesterday, as we visited a new vet for his 4 year check-up, we learned that TOTW had a chemical contamination happen in their plant last summer. Apparently, this situation was not made public until they were forced to do so. Though they have resolved this problem, we are appalled that such a situation was kept quiet while pets were being sickened by their product. This speaks to the lack of integrity of the company which in our mind translates to us being unable to trust them in the future even though the problem they encountered last summer has been resolved. Mistakes in the food and drug industry happen all the time, both in the animal and human realm. Good companies work rapidly to withdraw the product and notify their customers of the issue. Despicable companies deny their culpability and hide their mistakes from public eye with little concern for the animals that might be hurt. This unconscionable situation of TOTW underscores the need for a federal oversight animal food protection agency to reign in portions of the private sector which may not have the moral compass to do the right thing and to keep our beloved family pets safe.