Friday, May 6, 2011

Solid Gold Dog Food Reviews – Move through Quality Tests!

Solid gold dog food is formation of the Solid Gold Health Products that suitable for pets. It is made of with all the useful ingredients that much vital for your pet growth. Solid Gold Health Product manufacture was introduced in the 1970’s in the El Cajon, California. Now, there have several branches available in many developed countries only for its huge demand of best quality products. Basically this solid gold dog food is available in eight types of dry recipes as well as different packs like the 4, 15 and 33 pound.

It is also suitable for different age of the dogs and owner’s budget. In this regard, solid gold dog foods reviews are right option for the pet lover to get more details information regarding this dog foods before purchase it. Solid gold dog food is made of with good quality food supplement that help over all development of your pet. Solid gold dog food is also the right option for the pet owner that dogs suffer from food allergic problem. Due to these reasons, the online is the one and only option of the pet lovers to get more ideas about the dog food from various customers review. Solid Gold dog food is the fore runner in the premium, and holistic nutrition for over 3 decades. It is made using just premium quality, and natural ingredients, the Solid Gold Uses just USDA meats, grains, herbs, and other ingredients, which are chosen for their beneficial features.

Solid Gold dog food has perfected the dog food as well as takes good care to use just what nature offers. They don’t use any harmful chemicals for preserving the products. They as well never add sugar beet pulp, salt, by-products, fillers, artificial flavorings and colors to various formulas. Corn, wheat as well as soy are 3 of top food allergens for the canines, and for this reason, it is not used in their diets. They make use of USDA meats, which are free of antibiotics and hormones. Most of the commercial products make use of some type of the meat by products, however Solid Gold food makes use of just muscle meat & no by-products. In place of using the animal fat, they utilize unsaturated vegetable, seed oils and nut, due to its beneficial fatty acids they have.

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