Friday, May 6, 2011

Kirkland Dog Food Review – Offering Some Best Dog Food Formulas!

Keeping pet is becoming a status symbol for many modern days people. There are many benefits of keeping pets in your home. They not only provide an entertainment atmosphere but also offering great help to the human beings. Well among all animal, keeping a dog as pet is more fruitful for human beings. Dogs are not only faithful but also obeying every order of their owner. If you are an owner of a dog and always concern about your pet’s health then it’s the right time to think about some quality dog food to take better care of your dear friend.

It’s the perfect time to offer your pet the Kirkland dog food for avoiding any sorts of health related problem. Kirkland dog food is produced by Costco Wholesale Corporation. Most consumers are rating the Kirkland dog food ingredient formulas as the best one. There are not any soy, corn and wheat in the ingredients of Kirkland dog food. There are also no indigested ingredients in this perfect dog food. There are mainly three type of Kirkland dog food formula available in the market right now. These are:

· Kirkland signature range chicken, rice and vegetable adult formula

· Kirkland signature range lamb and rice adult formula

· Kirkland signature range super premium puppy chicken, rice and vegetable formula

Kirkland dog food formula is made & sold by the Costco Wholesale Corporation and Kirkland Signature is the Costco’s “store brand” that is put on the whole thing from toothpaste to bottled water. Kirkland food formulas are been offered in most of the Costco stores. Kirkland is named after city of Kirkland in Washington that is where the Costco had headquarters from 1987 - 1996. Kirkland Signature brand was not introduced in the Costco’s stores till 1995. Costco opened first the store at 1983, and in Seattle. Costco expanded at 1993, while they merged with the company named “Price Club”. Now, there are more than 142,000 employees of the Costco’s stores.

KIRKLAND food review

Kirkland dog food formulas have the ingredients, which most of the consumers will rate as the mid grade. There are not any corn, soy or wheat ingredients that are listed among first five ingredients. There are not any animal by-products and animal digest listed on ingredients label of the Kirkland dog food formulas. Kirkland Signature Chicken, Vegetable and Rice Adult Formula is appropriate for all the adult dogs, which are one year of age or more.

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