Friday, April 29, 2011

California Natural Dog Food Reviews – Take A Look About The Ingredients!

At present, so many people are moving for the market to search quality dog food through which they can maintain their breed dogs effectively. Due to this sort of reason, there are numbers of leading dog food companies have introduced their quality dog food in the market. In this way, people can fulfil their dog’s feeding requirements properly. However, selecting one of the best dog food companies is too complicated. If you want to purchase the best dog food, then you need to take a look for California natural dog food. This sort of dog food has been manufactured by the Nature Pet Products, and it has been introduce in the year of 1926.

Moreover, the Nature Pet Products or California Natural is also manufacturing Healthywise, Innova, Karma, Mother Nature and Evo pet products. The California natural dog food is not harmful, and it can fulfil all requirements through which a dog can maintain a good physique and health. Also, this sort of dog food formulas has been designed for those breed dogs that are having food allergies. Each and every of these sorts of formulas are containing one protein source, one fat source, and one carbohydrate source. The California dog food has been prepared without corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservative and harmful additives. It’s time to take a look about ingredients of California dog food. There are some ingredients discussed through which this sort of dog food can be prepared.

· Lamb Meal: It contains 30% more protein than fresh cutlet.

· Brown Rice: It complex of carbohydrate and it can be easily digested by your dog

· Rice: it is a mix of grain, brown and white rice

· Sunflower oil: It is very necessary for a dog, because it can help the dog to sustain for a long time

· Omega 6 and 3: It can help the dog for losing the fat percentage

· Chelated Minerals: These sorts of minerals are perfect because it can assist the dog to make a proper digestion.

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