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Natural Choice Dog Food Reviews and Coupons

If you would like a natural dog food then the Natural Dog Food Company differ from other natural pet foods because they do not always have a mineral and vitamin mix added to their recipes. If you are interested in reviews and coupons for Nutro dog food then head over to the Nutro dog food coupons blog. This blog posts reviews and coupons for Nutro. The latest article is about Nutro dog food reviews and talks about the lamb and rice formula

There is a range of foods that cover from puppy to senior and they always use UK ingredients. This natural range has got natural preservatives using antioxidants and include brown rice in the meat meal and fresh meat. The protein is a bit on the low side and also so is the fat content so probably is better for dogs that have had some problems maintaining their body weight or need to lose some weight.

Dogs seem to prefer the chicken variety but it has a strong smell of brewers yeast rather than the chicken. It is roughly $40 for a large 15kg bag which is quite expensive. The ingredients are listed as below for the Chicken meat meal:

Chicken meat meal (min 22%), Fresh chicken (min 21%), Brown rice (min 21%), Oats, Mixed vegetables and herbs (min 8%), Barley, Refined chicken oil, Sugar beet, Linseed, Brewers yeast.
When you first look at the amount of chicken then you will think that this is quite a lot but the protein content is only 20% and it is not as high as originally thought. Then it has quite a lot of cereal including brown rice, barley and oats.

So basically you have a cereal based food for dogs with no added vitamins or minerals with low protein and fat. If that is okay with you then purchase it but I think that it is rather too low in protein and because there are no added vitamins or minerals then you are not getting the best for your dog.

Natural Dog Food is a natural formula does not contain any byproducst that can be harmful to your dog but at the same time doesn’t offer all the nutrition that he may need. They claim that it gives an improved skin and coat but don’t explain how.

The ingredients In Natural dog food will differ obviously depending on which type of food you buy but the most common ingredients are lamb meal, chicken meal and rice flour, ground rice and bran, oatmeal, dried beet pulp and sunflower oil. You must remember that protein in high in your list for a dog as he needs this to supply him with energy and there isn’t a lot of this in the food.

The good thing about it is that it is all natural and the ingredients are digested easily and do not contain any corn or soybeans which are not good for your dog. It doesn’t contain a lot of fat but has carbohydrates. Owners have complained when their dog was on the food that it gave them dry skin and a thining coat. Others have complained that the food made their dog vomit and gave their dog allergies. It also has a high price tag.
Whatever you decide to do then take a look at the ingredients first on Natural Choice Dog food and then make up your mind.

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