Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Are the Best Dog Training Books?

Training a Dog Is So Much Easier Using Dog Training Books 

Dog training books are an essential part of training your dog. They can range from obedience training to puppy training. These types of books will help you communicate to your dog what you want them to do and how you would like them to behave. You will also find books that will help you train your dog in a specific field such as rescue or protection.

Dog trainers that have been training dogs for many years offer great books on their dog training expertise. They have learned with trial and error the best tricks for training a dog. Their books will teach you how to develop a rapport with your dog. These books will also show you how to separate huge tasks into smaller tasks so that your dog will be able to grasp what they are being taught.

How to Choose the Right Dog Training Book

Books are published in all kinds of training disciplines. If your dog is being too dominant over other dogs then they are having trouble with aggression. There are books that can help you handle this type of a problem. Training books will also help you train your puppy to become housebroken. You will not have to worry anymore about your carpets becoming soiled. If you are trying to train your pet to be crate trained and are not succeeding then you will benefit from a dog training book that deals with the subject.

You will want to look for books that are positive about dog training. Dog training books should show you how to encourage your dog with patience. These types of books will explain how repetition can help your dog to better grasp what you are trying to teach them.

A better trained dog is a happy dog and using dog training books to train your dog will make you a happier owner.

The Best Dog Training Books
According to Amazon the best selling, and most popular dog training books are
  1. How To Raise the Perfect Dog
  2. Ceasers Way
  3. Ceasers Rules (Okay enough books by Ceasar Milan already!)
  4. 101 dog tricks
If you want any of these books you can find them on amazon, click on the amazon links below for more great dog training books. 

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This is great information on dog training books, I especially like the comment on having patience when training your dog.