Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To Stop a Dog From Barking

In this article you will learn How to Stop Dogs from Barking

Barking is the normal way in which a dog communicates and expresses themselves.  Dogs bark for different reasons such as during play, as a greeting or as a warning of someone approaching the door or when something is wrong. However, when a dog barks continuously for long periods of time, there could be another reason for this. It is important to curb excessive barking in your dogs because this is likely to drive your neighbors to the point of making complaints against you to the police.

The following are some tips on how to stop your dog from barking excessively. Once you get your dog, you should begin training and socializing them immediately. This is because you’ll have a much harder time teaching an older dog new tricks than a younger one. Begin by teaching your dog to only bark on command. Say out loud “talk” or “speak” when they bark and soon enough he will relate this word to barking, and more importantly as a time when he is allowed to bark. You should also teach your dog to obey commands such as “stop” or “quiet” and ensure that you say these words with a firm voice.

Remember to always positively reinforce good behavior in your dog. So say if he stops barking when you command him to, you should reward him with a treat, a toy, and petting or heap tons of verbal praise on them. If your dog ignores your cue words telling him to stop barking, try to get his attention by making loud sudden noises such as hitting the table top in order to distract him. If you are leaving your dog alone in the house when you go out, you should leave the radio or television on such that they do not feel like they are alone which could make them start barking.

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chiwawamom said...

Anika's Chihuahuas breeder says, sometimes barking can be seen as very cute as in this case with my teacup Chihuahua named Malcolmb he was baring at his brother bruno whom he feels very competitive ,
of course he doesn't always act like this but it's fun to let him play...