Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wellness dog food coupon August 2010

Whatsup everybody? Are you ready to get your save on? (sorry to any old people out there who think that is gibberish) to the point, I found a way for you to save some of your hard earned dollars, yay me!
 One good site I found was this wellness dog food coupons blog, they post regular coupons that are up to date. Check it out to find more coupons
The deal is Wellness if giving our wellness dog food coupons to anyone who refers a friend. So you tell a friend about wellness dog food, and if they sign up then you get a $4 off wellness dog food coupon. Sounds kind of lame right? Well it isnt

You see when you refer a friend, and they sign you YOUR FRIEND gets a free bag of wellness dog food (probably a small bag, but still cool!)so your friend gets a free bag of dog food, and you get a coupon. You could just refer your husband, or wife or something and then get a free bag of dog food AND a coupon (me so sneaky!)

To cash in on this deal check out the offer page There is even a deal where if you refer two friends you get a $6.00 coupon!

Here are a few more details from the wellness dog food site

Share True Wellness is our new online referral program, where our promise isFree Samples for Them, Great Savings for You.”

* If 1 or 2 friends request a sample, you’ll receive a $4.00 Wellness e-coupon.

* If 3 or more friends request a sample, you’ll receive a $6.00 Wellness e-coupon.

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