Thursday, August 12, 2010

Natural Balance Dog Food Review

I started my dog on Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish Salmon formula a few months ago on recommendation from a local dog breeder. This was because I had had enough of seeing her suffer for months with pain in her nails which would split deformedly and then immediately break off. After a short while, my Greyhound stopped having this autoimmune problem with her claws and is now healthy and full of life and energy. I welcomed the prices of Natural Balance dog food products because it is nothing compared to what I had to pay in vet bills each time her broken claws resulted in bleeding.

Another great thing about introducing my dog to Natural Balance is that I have noticed that his stool is no longer runny, but is instead firm and normal looking. He is now not as restless and uncomfortable as before and also seems to sleep better at night.

Natural Balance Dog Food and Allergies
Our Doberman seems to also have taken well to Natural Balance as he doesn't suffer the allergic reactions he used to. He is less food sensitive and is showing signs of increased appetite. His coat is less dry than before and much shinier. In fact, we have been stopped several times in the park by other dog owners who want to know what I feed him. I'm even thinking of demanding a commission from Natural Balance for all the free marketing I've been doing on their behalf!

I guess the secret to Natural Balance's amazing dog food products is the fact that they use high quality ingredients which work well in combating common ailments such as allergies, skin problems and even chronic diarrhea. Moreover, my dogs can't seem to get enough of Natural Balance dog food and always lick their bowls clean when they are done.

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