Monday, August 23, 2010

Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review

Honest Kitchen dog food is essentially high quality organic dog food which is made from human grade ingredients. Honest Kitchen includes a good range of essential protein sources, as well as a non-protein formula which you may use with your own natural proteins. Honest Kitchen produces a variety of dog food products for dogs of different ages and activity levels.

I have been feeding my dog on Honest Kitchen dog food products for sometime now and he really loves it. I trust Honest Kitchen dog food because they are made from organic ingredients in a manufacturing plant which manufactures human food - which therefore make them healthy for my pet. When I mix this dog food with some meat, my dog always licks it clean off his bowl. This is a welcome relief from before when he used to be a really picky eater, who would leave the food to go cold in his bowl and only eat it when he was really hungry.

My dog particularly enjoys Honest Kitchen's Embark, Preference mixed with canned fish, and Force. Moreover, their Dehydrated raw is very convenient to carry along on road trips, which we have done a couple of times in the past for our dog. A short while after starting our dog on Honest Kitchen Embark, we were pleased to notice that she experienced less bowel movements and she also scratches less than before. I decided to switch to Honest Kitchen after my dog had some problems with other high end commercial dog food products. Nowadays my dog cannot seem to stop playing, has been able to shed a couple of pounds and is now fit and healthy, as he is eating fewer processed fats. I have also noticed that he has decreased his stool volume, which is a sign of his overall good health.

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