Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best Organic Dog Foods

There are many dog food choices on the market today. They range in price and variety. Each dog food manufacturer makes the claim that their dog food is the very best. But it is hard to tell what is the best organic dog food. Every variety is different and contains different ingredients. No two varieties are the same. The ingredients of non-organic dog food that manufacturers put in their dog food are sometimes not very healthy for your dog. They use a lot of animal by-products that could make your dog really sick. This is not the case with manufacturers of organic dog food. Organic dog food manufacturers strive to only put the best ingredients in their food. We will show you what is classified as organic dog food, and what you should look for. This article will also help you find the best organic dog food for your dog

Organic Dog Food; the Healthier Choice

Organic dog food will contain ingredients that offer a balanced nutritional diet for your dog. Ingredients include whole grains that have been ground for better ingesting. They include only the finest sources of protein from organic chickens and other organic animals. Some organic dog food manufacturers only include ingredients in their dog food that are United State Department of Agriculture certified. Manufactures also make sure that they include ingredients that are rich in minerals for your dog’s health. Organic dog foods must contain at least ninety five percent of ingredients that are organic to be considered organic dog food.

If your dog is very sensitive to what they eat you may want to choose an organic dog food that is hypoallergenic. One such dog food is California Natural. This dog food manufacture includes only ingredients that your dog will not be sensitive to. Other dog food companies use unhealthy fillers in their dog food and California Natural leaves these ingredients out of their dog food processing. Some ingredients in their dog food include brown rice, lamb meal, and sunflower oil.

Feeding your dog organic dog food will make your dog a very healthy and happy dog

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