Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Halo Dog Food Reviews

A lot of people have been looking for Halo dog food reviews lately so I figured I would combine a bunch on one post to give everyone a good idea of what people think. You can see our Halo dog food review which has a full article and the reaction from my dog Beauford!

Halo comes in a large variety of dog foods, but I think the most popular variety is spots stew. This brand of dog food comes packed with nutrition and even has dried vegetables mixed in with the kibble!

Here is a positive review from Buzzilions

"At 5 years of age my Boston terrier developed horrible dandruff and was constantly scratching at her ears. My vet said she believed it was a food allergy and recommended putting her on a pure Salmon dog food from Science Diet. The problem with that was I would have had to order the food from the vet on their ordering schedule... I searched online and found Halo Spot's Stew Salmon. After only a week on this dog food Daisy's dandruff was gone and her coat had a lovely shine. In less than a month she had stopped scratching her ears so badly. She loves this dog food and is thriving on it. Ordering it from Petco is easy and it arrives at my home within two days. The best part is the UPS man carries the heavy 60 lb bag right to my door - a nice change from when I bought her food at the supermarket and had to lug it home myself. I would definitely - and have already - recommended Halo pet food to friends and family." 

Here is another positive review

I just went to the store today and picked up Halo Wholesome beef can dog food. I really love all the great ingredients. As I mentioned above I only found 3 can dog foods that I will feed my dogs and that’s Party Animal can and dry, Halo Wholesome Beef can and Wellness 95% meat. I will not feed my dogs any other Wellness products because I feel they have nasty ingredients. Only the Wellness 95% meat seems ok. Anyway, my dogs had Halo beef with a little chicken liver mixed in and it is still on the floor. I don’t care if it takes them some time to get use to it. I know it’s healthy so I have to be strong and not give in and make them my own home made food. They also refused Party Animal and Halo Wholesome chicken.

Here is somsone who feeds  Halo to their chihuhuas!
"I feed my dogs twice a day & their tummies know when it's time to eat. They love the Halo dog food. They have never been this excited about eating before! The pieces are very small. I thought this would be a good thing for Chihuahuas. But my puppy swallows it whole, although it doesn't seem to bother him. I kind of wish it was just a little bigger so he would chew it. I use to have to beg my dogs to eat, now they let me know that it's meal time! I have always fed my dogs the best food I could find. Halo surpasses it all." 

But this persons dog got bad breath from the dog food!

"I switched my two Weimaraners to Halo because I wanted to give them a better quality dog food. My oldest, 9 years old, began having some sort of skin irritations at her feet, ears, and all across her stomach. It was very itchy. When I brought her to the vet, they put her on a very expensive medicine but says she doesn't have allergies. It made sense that perhaps changing her to a better food may be the solution and not having her on an expensive med all the time. My little one, 1yr, just had bad gas, bad breath, and sometimes runny poo. So, I thought I needed to switch to a higher quality dog food that would be beneficial to them both. I was feeding my oldest Nutro and my youngest Science Diet. Being that Halo was more holistic and had good reviews, I settled on this brand. I will say that my dogs do love it. In fact, my oldest drools all over the place when it is time to eat. They love the flavor and smell. Unfortunately, it has caused their breath to become even worse. My oldest dog's skin issue has not resolved. I have had them on this now for a few months. We are making the switch now to Nature's Variety Instinct, which is grain-free. I'm hoping this may help with the breath and my oldest dog's skin issues. May be a great product for some, but not for my girls. Their breath is just absolutely horrendous. I swear, it smells like they each have a dead carcass in their mouths."  

They should try our dog breath freshener

Here is someone who's dog has skin problems, but not after Halo Spots Stew!

"My Bichon gets red-stained eyes and "hot spots" from many different foods on the market. I was making "Spot's Chicken Stew" from scratch when I came across the packaged product. We're on our 2nd month and no red stains and no "hot spots" so I'm thrilled. Chloe looks healthy, energetic and loves mealtimes. I like the high quality & the size of the kibble. It's also heartening to see peas and bits of carrot right there in the bag." 

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