Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frontline Plus Orange

 Frontline plus orange is a special type of flea control for dogs who are 0 - 22lbs (I don't know any dogs that are 0 pounds, but that's what the box says!) the plus orange line prevents fleas from bothering your dog. It doesn't just prevent flea infestation, it also stops them!
Frontline plus orange does the following
  • Stops and prevents fleas
  • Prevents against every single stage of fleas
  • Stops and prevents larvae, eggs, pupae and adult fleas
Frontline Plus Orange Kills Ticks

Another great benefit of the orange type of frontline plus is that it will kill all stages of deer ticks. A lot of deer ticks will carry lyme disease that can be very harmful to your dog! Here is a list of ticks that Frontline plus orange kills
  •  Deer ticks
  • Brown dog ticks
  • Lone star ticks
  • American dog ticks
I don't know what any of those ticks do, but I do know if my dog had them I would want to kill them! What I do know is that when my dog had ticks it really annoyed him, but also ticks can spread serious disease.

Where Can I Buy Frontline Plus Orange?
I have searched on the internet (trying to get the best deal like everyone else!) when my little dude had fleas and I found the best price was on Amazon. I wanted to make things easy for you so I have included the links below. There are a few types of frontline plus, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month.
Frontline plus orange for dogs 0 22 lbs is pretty popular and linked below.
Frontline plus orange 3 months            Frontline Plus 12 months
                                                              This one is $124 but lasts for 12 months!
This one lasts for 3 months 

and is only $35 
(maybe even cheaper sometimes)

I hope this has helped you find the best price on frontline plus!

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