Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Natural Dog Food Review

I was recently introduced to the Go natural line. I thought I would write a Go Natural dog food review.

A while after introducing my dog to Go! Natural dog food products, her coat began to glow with a very beautiful sheen and she also seems to have boundless energy. Before, she always seemed to be restless at night and couldn’t seem to get to sleep. But this has all changed as she now sleeps much better at night. Moreover, her stool has become more firm and normal and she experiences no more episodes of gas. She has been gaining weight well and seems much happier than ever before. When ever I place her Go! Natural treats in her bowl, she eats them clean off, unlike before when she would dilly dally, and hover around the bowl, not the least bit interested in her food.

The prices of Go! Natural dog food products do not bother me because my primary concern is the long term health of my dog. Ever since I started her on these food products, our trips to the vet have been simply routine as she isn’t suffering from the allergy related problems nor hives as she used to. So I can personally vouch for their salmon and oats formula when it comes to curing dog food allergies. The Go! Natural Grain Free is also excellent mainly because of the high nutritive value of its ingredients which prevent the dog from having to feed more to meet their daily calorie intake requirements.

One of the main reasons why I love Go! Natural dog food is because my dog seems to relish the taste of these food products and can never seem to get enough. Go! Natural dog food is of very good quality and is human grade. And as for me, I personally like the convenience of Go! Natural dog food products as they come in resealable bags which makes my life all the more easier.

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Anonymous said...

I love this food for my dog! It was difficult to determine what she was allergic to, and with this food having limited ingredients, the choice way easy!
Thanks Petcurean