Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

6 Steps for Training Your Dog to Sit

When you decide to become a dog or puppy owner there are certain tasks that have to be completed. Of course you will want to potty train your pet and teach them to stay off of furniture. However, training your dog to sit will also be very important. Many dogs have a tendency to jump on guests who come to visit or to jump on people who are trying to eat. Therefore, training your dog to sit can be very effective when these situations occur. It is actually very simple to teach your dog a new command, as long as you are patient and persistent in the process. Consider the following steps when you are ready to train your dog.
Step One: Prepare Your Environment
You need to train your do gin an environment that is free from distraction. Go out in the yard and make sure it is just you and your dog so that you can both focus and stay on task.
Step Two: Use a Leash and Collar
You need to put a soft collar and a leash on your dog so that you have better control while you are training. Make sure the leash is loose enough that the animal doesn’t feel threatened or stressed.
Step Three: Command in a Firm Voice
Start by saying the command SIT in a firm and slightly loud voice. Do not say anything else just the command.
Step Four: Place Your Dog In the Sitting Position
You will need to gently push down on your dogs back in order to put the dog into a sitting position. Do not be rough and push down as you say the command sit.
Step Five: Reward and Encourage
Once your dog is in the sitting position you should reward it with a treat and praise. Say things like good boy or good job t encourage the dog and show that the behavior is acceptable.
Step Six: Practice Makes Perfect
You will need to continue training in increments of fifteen minutes several times each day. After several days of training your dog should begin to sit on its own when the command is given.

These six steps should help teach you how to teach your dog to sit

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