Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Train a dog to Roll Over

Training a Dog to Roll Over In Four Simple Steps

Training a dog to roll over is considered a more advanced trick. This is something you will want to try once you have perfected simpler tricks like sitting down or playing dead. If your dog has already mastered these basic skills, rolling over will not be as difficult. Follow these five simple steps and your dog will be showing off for family and friends in no time.

Step One: Command Your dog to Lie Down

You will want first command your dog to lie down so that you can begin the training process. Next command the animal to stay so that it does not try to get up once you offer a treat.

Step Two: Use a Treat to Guide the Dog

You will want to use the treat to guide your dog in the direction it should go. Try to use the same treats you have used in the past when training the animal. Start with the treat at the dogs left shoulder and move it slowly over the dogs head in the direction it should roll. When you begin moving the treat you will want to say “roll over” in a firm voice.

Step Three: Repetition is Key

At first the dog may try to get up or turn its head from side to side to see the treat. The key to this training is to go slow and repeat the process until the animal understands. You may even have to place your hand on the dogs back to show it to stay down. The key to mastering the trick is to gain the dogs attention with the treat and heave them to follow it in a rolling over motion.

Step Four: Reward When the Dog Gets It Right

When the animal masters the concept of rolling over you should give them the treat. This will reinforce the behavior of completing the task. You may also want to reward in steps as the animal makes progress so the dog doesn’t get frustrated with the training.

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