Monday, February 1, 2010

Wellness Dog Food Review

Review of Wellness dog food

Below is a review written for by a dog breeder who has been feeding her dogs wellness dog food for a very long time. If you would like to write for this site then contact me, reviews will include a link to your website if you choose.If you like the review and want to buy some Wellness dog food then you can visit this wellness dog food coupons blog, they post regularly with updated coupons for the USA and Canada

As a dog breeder who has been using Wellness dog food products on my dogs for a long time, I can almost swear that they are the best on the market yet. For my puppies, I use the Wellness canned puppy food and they can’t seem to get enough of it. The reason why I opt for these are because they contain beneficial ingredients to keep the puppies growing healthy and strong, and also have a nice soft texture to them. I also indulge my puppies in the Wellness puppy treats which are very soft and chewable. I had gotten their mother when she was just about to move to adult food and so I started her on Wellness Core. This was great for her as she is very sensitive. I also noticed that her skin problems cleared up almost immediately within weeks of starting her on Wellness, which left her with a thick shiny coat.

For my three year old Doberman who is allergic to chicken, I was happy to discover Wellness Complete Health which is lamb-based. It is never pretty when your dog keeps getting yeast infections in their ear, licking their feet due to discomfort and generally scratching. For those dog owners with sport dogs that do a lot of training, I would recommend Wellness Core Original Formula which will provide your dog with adequate quantities of essential proteins.

One of the important reasons why I have chosen to stick to Wellness dog food products is the fact that they are made from wholesome ingredients and are completely free of the chemical Ethoxyquin which can be harmful to your dog’s health. I learnt about Wellness from one of my fellow breeders and I’m pleased to say that I have never looked elsewhere since for all my dog feeding needs.

I hope this wellness dog food review will help you pick a good brand of dog food for your dog

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