Monday, February 8, 2010

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

Taste Of the Wild Dog Food Review

I have been using Taste of the Wild’s range of dry and canned dog food products for several months now and my dogs couldn’t be happier. You can imagine my relief when I finally solved my Lab’s bad gas problems once and for all! What’s more, his stool has gone back to normal after being runny for several months before I started feeding him on Taste of the wild.

I found out about Taste of the Wild dog food from a friend and I have never looked back at all the other high end dog food products I used before. The energy levels in my dogs have shot up and they have become boundless in their playing and general activity. You could hardly believe that my Lab is fifteen, because he plays like a nine year old now. Long gone are the stiffness and pain he used to experience in his joints. It is much easier now for him to get up and lay down, and he sleeps like a baby as well.

One of the reasons why I chose to stick to Taste of the Wild is because their dog food is high in protein, is made from highly nutritious ingredients and is grain free. My husky loves Taste of the Wild Fowl which is great because she could hardly ever eat the other dog food products I tried before. She was a really picky eater always littering the kitchen floor hoping I won’t notice that the dog food isn’t going where it’s supposed to – into her stomach. But you should see how she now always looks at me hoping for seconds and even thirds. My decision to stick with Taste Of the wild was further reinforced when I discovered that their foods do not contain harmful levels of ethoxyquin and have therefore been certified as being safe by the FDA.

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