Monday, February 22, 2010

Conformation Dog Training

Conformation dog training involves teaching your dog to perform in a dog show. Conformation dog training normally works best if your dog has already undergone other types of dog training such as behavior or obedience training. If you wish to conformation train your dog yourself, you can find conformation dog training tips and advice online, in books, videos or from dog groomers. If possible, attend dog handling classes or watch an instructional video which is specific to you dog’s particular breed. One important and basic step in conformation dog training is leash training your dog.

Effective leash training of your dog involves first putting on the lead then letting them go wherever they want. Be sure to call them as you walk and change their direction by gently tugging on the leash in order to turn their head to the direction you wish to go. You should also coax her to come to you, and then shower them with verbal praise and patting when they do. You should do this repeatedly until they understand that a tug on the leash means that they should change their direction.

Thereafter, you will need to train your dog to walk beside you on a loose lead. This is quite similar to teaching your dog to heel during obedience training, the only difference being that you will command the dog to stand when you stop, as well as working your dog on the right and the left side too. You can correct the actions of your dog during conformation training by tugging sharply at the leash then releasing, as well as by heaping them with tons of verbal encouraging praise when they get it right. You should then increase your speed until your dog begins to trot, while practicing turns on both the right and left sides. Prevent them from dropping their head by tugging sharply upwards on the leash, and saying “let’s go” or “heads up”.

There are many resources for Conformation Dog Training on the net, look around and find a good guide to learning how to train your dog. Don't be afraid to purchase a dog training guide, as these usually contain very good information, all in one spot

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