Monday, January 11, 2010

Bad Dog Insurance

Bad Dog Insurance
When looking for an insurance company for your dog, you want to find one that has had good reviews from other satisfied pet lovers, while trying to avoid bad dog insurance companies. In some cases, reviews may be conflicting, with some pet owners giving positive feedback while others leaving bad dog insurance company feedback.

Pets Best is one such company which has been at the receiving end of both good and bad dog insurance reviews. Once client described her experience at Pets Best as a “disappointing interaction” especially in relation to their customer service. The client had insured two of their family dogs – a twelve year old collie and a five year old Jack Russell with Pets Bests for the previous two to three years. But when the twelve year old collie began experiencing symptoms of arthritis, the company denied the client’s claim that these were related to the diagnosis, stating that the symptoms had existed even before the policy had come into effect. As a result, the client chose to discontinue their contract with the insurance company due to their failure to payout on the coverage.

Another pet owner had a bad experience with VPI dog insurance company. After insuring their Goldendoodle in May, it was diagnosed with megaesophagus in July, which diagnosis cost around $1000. To the client’s dismay, VPI denied the claim on the basis that the disease was a pre-existing condition. However, the client claims that ever since they bought the dog in February, they had gone through regular check ups at the vet which had not revealed any signs of the disease. The dissatisfied pet owner further claims that VPI pays very little and denies that they cannot read what the client has mailed to them, thereby making the client resubmit documents a couple of times.

Of course when dealing with dog insurance companies every person will have different opinions, and not everyone will be happy (in fact bad news is more likely to be passed on then good news) If you are looking for bad dog insurance or bad dog insurance reviews than try not to factor in the extreme situations. As long as a dog insurance company covers your basic needs in most cases you should be covered. Feel free to browse different dog insurance companies to get the best quote. You can also visit this dog insurance blog for more reviews and useful articles

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