Monday, December 21, 2009

Two Legged Dog

Two Legged Dog

After reading about the amazing three legged police dog I am sure you will be amazed now by a TWO legged dog!
This Lab-Chow mix has been touring around the USA with the message, Faith walks.
Faith was born without any front legs and rejected by her mother. Luckily Rueben Stringfellow was there to save her. Rueben was only 17 atthe time and asked her mother if they could fix faith? Her mother said no, but we can help her.
At first the family carried faith around so she would not hurt her chin or chest. Then later they used peanut butter and a lot of practice to teach faith to walk on two legs.
Fast forward to today and faith walks upright. If she runs she will add a hop and a skip, but does not stumble very often
Faith takes Dog vitamins and Joint supplements, and vets have declared her very healthy.
Full the full story visit the Stl Today Article

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I've seen a piece on this dog on Animal Planet. Thanks for sharing her story- its such a touching one. What a brave girl.

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