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Christmas Dog Toy List

Christmas Dog Toys - Christmas Dog Toy List

Christmas is a season of gifting, and you probably have a list of friends and family to purchase gifts for. Your dog is definitely family! He is your companion, loyal friend and confidant. Give him something wonderful this Christmas like a new toy.

Dogs are choosy about not only their food but also their toys. To pick the right sort of toy that the dog would love to play with, you need to know what your dog loves to do. The first thing is that dogs love to play and get bored rather easily with their old toys. Another thing is that dogs love interacting with their toys. They love to chew, bite and carry their toys with them. They are not satisfied with just sniffing the toy, they like to gnaw, nip and chew.

Some toys are popular and suitable for all breeds of dogs like balls to play fetch with. The right sort of toy also depends on the size of your pet, his breed and age. I have included a list of Christmas dog toys to help you find the perfect christmas dog toy.

Plush Dog Toys
Puppies, light chewers and small breeds love these toys. They are soft, chewy and can be carried around easily. The good thing about these toys are that they are soft and don’t get damaged easily. There are toys shaped as bones, bars, etc. You need to know your dog. Some dogs love them, others are scared of the squeaky sounds they emit. So you need to know if your pet will like them before you buy.

Canvas Dog Toys
Canvas dog toys are really safe and are good for small pups and small and medium breed dogs. They are chewy and they last really long. They are safe too, and you do not need to worry that some harmful bits can bet swallowed by your dog. They come in variety of shaped the dog can recognize, like bones, balls, biscuits etc.

Denim Dog Toys
Another excellent fabric based chewy toy for pups and small and medium breed dogs. They come in various shapes too and have a hidden squeaker. They are filled with polyester and are safe. If your dog finds the squeaker interesting, it can play really long with these toys.

Rubber Tire Dog Toy
If you have a big dog or an aggressive chewer, you can gift many hours of happiness to the pet by buying it a rubber tire toy. They come in various sizes; some of them even have a rope attached to them to play tug of war.

Rubber Bones
This has been the popular choice for teething dogs and heavy chewers. Many hours of happy chewing guaranteed! They come in various sizes, but the 7 inch one is a preferred option, easy to carry in the mouth and to get gnawing on.

Rope Toys
Sturdy braided or knotted rope toys are well liked by every type of dog. They are perfect for an active and energetic tug of war with your pet. When you are low on energy, they play with these themselves, or chew at them.

Rubber Tennis Dog Toys with Strap
These toys are made of heavy duty rubber and have a fuzzy tennis coating on them. They are durable and have a strap that can help play tug of war with your pet.

Empty rawhide basket
Completely edible basket that you can fill with your selection of dog toys and dog treats and give your pet a Christmas to remember.

Doggie Stockings
Sturdy stockings made of PVC and filled with dog treats and munchies made from rawhide. These could be put up on the mantel and given to the dog on Christmas when every other family member is opening their gifts.

Candy canes made of Rawhide
For many hours of munching, these are attractive, with multicoloured strips running through the white surface.

With this long list of potential dog gifts for your pet you should be able to choose the toy that is the best for your dog! You should check the website of your favourite pet store, or even shop online. Hope you and your dog have a great Christmas

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