Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade dog treat Recipes
Do you love to treat your dog to treats but hate to pay the price for overpriced dog treats with questionable nutritional value? Luckily for you I have compiled a few homemade dog treat recipes for you

Dog lovers are growing more aware of the need to give their canine friends better and tastier treats. What better way to express your love for your canine friend than cooking them home-made dog treats? You are in control and can ensure that they are tasty, fresh and hygienic. Besides it works out cheaper than store bought treats.

Why make dog treats at home?

The dog treats you buy from supermarkets and pet shops are not very good. This is because so many of them use low quality ingredients, they do not have too much protein and are full of preservatives. It is quite unsurprising therefore that many pets develop allergies and suffer from stomach ailments. Making your own dog treats is a fun way to not only be assure that your dog is getting the best quality food, it is also an excellent way of saving money. You can experiment a lot, avoid food preservatives and also go organic if you want.

What to know about making dog treats

However, you need to know a bit about the canine digestive system. Dogs are wonderful companions, loving and loyal,but they are not human. They cannot digest many things we consider tasty and nutritious. The prime example is chocolate. We adore it, but even a bit of chocolate can make your dog ill, and lots of chocolate can kill your dog. Another food that dogs cannot handle is onions. We love onions and find that adding onion to our food gives it flavor and zest. Onions cause respiratory ailments in dogs, and if you feed onions to them regularly they can also develop anemia. Do not feed your dog baby food either. Baby foods have sugars and salts that dogs cannot handle either. Many dogs are lactose intolerant, so unless your dog can handle milk and dairy, avoid it. For more information see my post - what food is bad for dogs

Do not get intimidated by the list given above. Dogs are extremely non-demanding. They can be satisfied easily too. Consider this, your pet would be extremely happy to forage out of a dustbin or snack on an animal run over by a car on the street! So any culinary disaster you make will be easily forgiven. You get a lot of dog treat recipes on the internet. I am giving below two dog treat recipes that my pooches love.

Below are a few healthy homemade dog treats that you can make at home. Try out these healthy homemade dog treat recipes and let me know what you think in the comment section!

Homemade Sun Dried Liver Dog Treat

One easy doggie treat is sun-dried liver. Humans definitely will not relish it, but dogs do. Besides, liver is inexpensive and you can buy it in bulk. Just buy some liver and slice it into small pieces and put it into a solar oven and set it outside. Let it dry up. This is definitely better than the chews you get in the market which are made out of questionable jerky.

Homemade Carrot crunch dog treat

Another crunchy dog treat recipe is the carrot crunch. This is healthy and has lot of vitamins and proteins.
You need to take two cups of carrots. Peel, boil and puree them. Add two eggs and 2 tablespoons of minced garlic. Mix until you get a smooth batter. Add one cup of rolled oats and 2 cups of rice flour. Add 1/4th cup of wheat germ. Roll out and cut into bars. Bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes. Allow it to cool. This is really crunchy. You could brush with egg before popping them into the oven for the glazed finish.

Remember that dog treats should be hard and chewy since they are supposed to help clean your dogs teeth. Homemade organic dog treats are the best way to ensure that your pet lives longer, is healthy and disease free. I hope you enjoyed this article about homemade dog treats and homemade dog treat recipes!

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