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Healthiest Dry Dog Food

What is the Healthiest Dry Dog Food
I have looked over many types of dog food and tried to find the Healthiest dry dog food. These picks are based on ingredients and dog food analysis. Below is the healthiest dry dog food in 2009

Dry dog food is better for your pet for several reasons. Experts say that chewing on dry dog food keeps the teeth of your pet healthy since it does not allow plaque to accumulate. Pet owners will agree to this fact, the stools are firmer making it easy to clean up after your pet. Moreover, if you have to leave food for your pet and go to work, leaving dry dog food is safer since it will not deteriorate and it is far healthier. Some people are of the opinion that if you feed your dog only dry food, it will strain the dog’s kidney. It would be better to mix the meals, alternate dry dog food with other foods. This way the pet will get a better balanced diet too.

There are so many dry dog foods available in the market that it becomes really difficult to decide which dry dog food to purchase for your pet. If you go to a pet shop, there are so many brands vying for your attention it becomes difficult to choose.
The best way to select the best food for your pet is to study the label and check the first five ingredients listed in the content. They comprise of 80% of the food. Use the following parameters:

How to tell is dog food is healthy
  • Ensure that meat is the main ingredient. The best dry dog foods have meat listed as the first four ingredients. Dogs are naturally carnivorous and need the high protein.
  • Avoid meat by product as ingredients.
  • Good dry dog foods are grain free. While dogs can digest small amounts of grain, they can not digest too much of grain. Too much grain will end up in messy stools that are a pain to clean.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be included. Again steer clear of labels that state fruit and vegetable by products.
  • Healthy dry dog food will contain fresh whole ingredients. If it is not human grade avoid it, because it may not be healthy.
  • Your best dry dog food will comprise of mainly protein, good carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, fiber, fats and oils.

List of Healthiest Dry dog foods
Below is a list of the healthiest dry dog food

Life’s Abundance Dog Food
It has chicken meal, ground brown rice, oat groats, chicken fat and dried beet pulp. It also has vegetables, fruits, omega 3 etc. It makes the food well balanced and will keep your pet healthy.
Flint River Dog Food
This has chicken meal, whole wheat flour, ground rice, lamb meal and poultry fat. The label does not talk about vegetables and fruits. If you are feeding your pet Flint River, add servings of vegetables and fruits to make it well balanced. Wheat is okay in small quantities and not a very good source of protein.
Pet Promise Dog Food
The first five ingredients are Chicken, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, oat groats, pearled barley. Again corn gluten is a filler. If your pet thrives on this and loves it, consider adding more protein to his diet. Unfortunately pet promise is shutting down. A great new brand is Halo dog food which I will add a review to soon.
Solid Gold Dog Food
Solid Gold is fish based and fish is an excellent protein source. Ocean Fish, Beef, Potatoes, Potato Protein, Canola Oil, Tomato Pomace are the first five listed contents. As a pet owner, you should consider supplementing more protein in the diet. Other than that, this is a wonderful recipe.
Timberwolf Dog Food
Timberwolf Dog Food has Venison, Whole Ground Brown Rice, Lamb, Whole Ground Millet, Lamb Meal, Venison Meal etc. listed as the first five ingredients. It contains a lot of fruit and vegetables too. This is again a well balanced meal.
I also recommend Orijen 6 Fresh Fish Dog Food

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