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Dog Insurance Canada

Dog Insurance in Canada
You may be looking to get insurance for your dog. As a Canadian you are probably looking for a pet insurance company in Canada. I have found a few Canadian dog insurance companies mentioned in the article below.

Medical treatment has shown huge advances not only in humans but also in pets. Pet owners have become less pragmatic and more emotional as far as their pets are concerned, and end up paying humongous bills for veterinary treatments which have become frightfully expensive. This has brought with it the need for dog insurance. Companies that provide dog insurance plans are cropping up not only in the US but also in Canada and Europe. Some of these companies provide coverage in certain states, some all over the country and some USA insurances also provide coverage in Canada.

Consider this, now if your pet has an accident, you can even get an MRI done, transplants and radiation treatments are also carried out on dogs that have had accidents. The vet bill can go well over thousands of dollars easily. There are only two solutions to such an eventuality, either pay the bill, or get your dog put down. No longer is pet insurance something that was done for racehorses or show dogs. Dog Insurance is done for pets belonging to normal people like us.
Dog insurance not only saves a dog from being euthanized just because proper medical treatment is unaffordable. It can, if you choose your plan wisely, take care of your annual vet bills, cover the dog against accidents and save your monthly vet expense. You can get the vaccination and other treatment reimbursed, in addition to taking care of the pet’s safety. Dog insurance is very useful if you have a dog that is susceptible to illness, is accident prone or has a hereditary disease.

There are many Canadian dog insurance companies some of which are mentioned below


This company gives cover only for accidents. The plan costs just $9.95 per month and you can claim upto $2000. However, it does not offer any kind of coverage for illnesses.


This offers a far more comprehensive coverage. Its “Secure” plan is priced at a monthly cost of $21.41. It gives accident and illness coverage, dental coverage, and also has provision for alternative treatments, medical devices and behavior therapy. Members get benefits like kennel fee, lost pet advertising and burial too. This is very popular and has great reviews.

Pethealth dog insurance review

is offers a “Gold” plan at $22.95 a month. Provides double illness coverage, boarding fee etc. Pethealth has a “Preferred” plan that covers accidents, illness, death, euthanasia, kennel fee, advertising etc at a monthly cost of $34.95.

Petsecure dog insurance review

Pet Secure dog insurance has two plans, one at $40.68 providing accident coverage, illness coverage to $5,000 per condition. dental, alternative treatments etc. Another plan is for $65.30 which also covers cremation, burial and vet fee etc.
If you research the plans carefully, you may find one that is suitable to your budget and gives your pet the best coverage.

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Gravity Gardener said...

If you are a dog or cat lover, you know you will do anything for them to keep them healthy and safe from disease and injury over the course of their lifetime. Low cost pet insurance is a way to help with that care so that you never have to think twice about making them healthy if an unforeseen situation arises.

There are other options that you may be able to pursue to help pay for treatments surgical procedures:

1. If your dog is of a certain breed, there are organizations that may help fund their treatment. Some Labrador owners can find some assistance through agencies such as or

2. Veterinarians may work with you to take payments over a period of time to help you afford the treatment if you cannot afford to bear the burden in one shot and your dog is in need of treatment. They may also be part of the American Animal Hospital Association's "Helping Pets Fund” and can help find financial assistance if they qualify.

3. Some states provide access to pet friendly programs and other animal agencies through their websites.

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