Sunday, October 4, 2009

What is Holistic dog food?

Holistic dog food?

I am sure you have heard this term used interchangebly with natural dog food, natural dog food, organic dog food and so on. But what exactly is Holistic dog food and why is it good for you and your dog?

What is Holistic dog food?

Holistic means - concerning with the WHOLE not just the parts.

This means with Holistic dog food that the food will not just fill the dog up, but be nutritious and good for the whole body and spirit! Holistic dog food should be nutritious, organic and very healthy for your dog

Personally I think Holistic dog food is just a term thrown around loosely, sort of a buzz word for dog food. It is a good idea to look for natural dog food though as there are many benefits. You can check out my article on the top 5 dry dog foods if you are looking for some good dry dog food.

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