Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pet Promise Dog Food Review

Review of Pet Promise Dog Food

There is a rather unique story behind the creation of Pet Promise Dog Food; the three men who started the brand (and product), initially set out on a mission to help struggling U.S. farmers and ranchers who were already committed to the fair and humane treatment of animals in addition to ensuring quality and sustainable standards for animals. What resulted, was an idea to create a pet food made up of totally naturally products which included proteins only coming from pure sources. Along the journey to help support these farmers and ranchers, they ended up with Pet Promise Dog Food. Per the Pet Promise mission, they “only buy source-verified, beef, bison and chicken from ranchers who guarantee us meat and poultry that's raised without added hormones and antibiotics. Our meat and poultry is not blended with ingredients that do not meet our stringent standards of purity.”

When you buy Pet Promise Dog Food you are assured you will be serving your dog a food that has no animal by-products (like those not consumed by humans – spleens, brains, etc.), no growth hormones (used to increase unnatural growth of farm animals), no rendered meats (a process whereby fat is separated from protein), no factory-farm meat or chicken (this in an effort to support local and regional farmers), and no colors, additives, or preservatives.

As is true for the human body, naturally consumed food products are a much healthier and safer choice; the same holds true even when it comes to what you feed your dog. For those dog owners looking for a far superior alternative to what can be purchased in the general market place, Pet Promise Dog Food is literally everything it promises to be – you won't be disappointed if you give this to your dog at their next meal. If still not convinced and in an effort to cut costs, keep in mind that in generic brands of dog food (if this is what you opt for), the ingredients alone can vary from package to package depending on which nutrient sources were available at the time the food was manufactured. Many may be surprised to learn that through the outcome of various feeding trials, it has been discovered that many generic dog foods were found to have lower digestibility due to to the inclusion of indigestible fibers in the product. If you wouldn't eat that, why would you give it to your dog?

As a society, most have become much more health conscious and as is the case, know that in order to boost one's energy you need to tap into the fab five foods: fiber, whole grains, protein and antioxidants; all of these can be found in Pet Promise Dog Food thus ensuring your dog will have healthy skin, a softer and more vibrant coat, and overall better health.

You can learn more about Pet Promise Dog food by visiting their site or through various other links. Thanks for reading!

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