Monday, October 5, 2009

Merrick Dog Food Review

Review of Merrick Dog Food

Merrick dog food is a widely popular dog food which is synonymous with good quality. It has been widely reviewed and is extremely popular. The product strength is that it is focused on health, and the ingredients used are human-grade. They use meats, fruits and dehydrated vegetables giving the pet a well balanced meal. Merrick Dog food is an example of Holistic dog food.

Merrick Pet Care Inc is a family owned business, which has about 18 years of experience in manufacturing pet food. Merrick pet care is based in Amarillo, Texas. They manufacture all their dog foods in their own plant, and carry out extensive in-house tests before the dog food is sent out into the market.

Merrick dog food has a wide variety of dog food and has a long list of satisfied customers who have given their products rave reviews. Their strength is their quality. The food is human grade dog food, completely free of hormones and antibiotics. They are very careful in their testing, add not preservatives or by products. Satisfied pet owners have noticed that their dogs are more active, have softer and healthier coats and are free of ailments.

The content list on Merrick Dog Food states that they use organic chicken and the only things that are added are probiotics, chelated minerals and Omega fatty acids. No wonder the dogs are happier and healthier when fed such food.

Given below is an analysis of some of the dog food manufactured by Merrick

Product: Puppy Plate

This is dry kibble, moister than adult dog food, but it is hard enough to make the puppy work his jaws and feel satisfied with it. It has more than 30% protein, which makes it high energy food for your puppy. It has vitamins, garlic, chicory root, amino acids that are good for health. However, it also has guar gum, sodium, potassium chloride etc which are harmful and hard to digest.

Product: Before Grain

This is a wet, meat only dog food, perfect for those who want an all natural, all meat and grain free food to their pets. All it has is buffalo and water. It can be steep on the pocket so most pet owners end up mixing Before Grain with kibble or with home made rice/wheat and vegetables. Pure meat is indulgence and not exactly a balanced diet. If you want to switch your pet on solely this diet, you need to consult your vet first.
Product: Senior MedleyThis is a dry kibble, low on protein and high on fiber, perfect for senior dogs with worn out teeth. The only problem this product has is that it is dry and can be a challenge for senior dogs. If you wet the kibble with water or add some other wet food to this, it can help your pet. Another product that you can use for elderly dogs is the canned senior’s blend which is wet, has lower protein but elderly dogs seem to find it much easier to eat.

Some other Merrick Dog foods are the Before Grain Salmon and the Before Grain Trout which are wonderful for the pets. If you have a fussy pet, you could try mixing one of the Before Grain products with regular chow and watch the difference.

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