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GPS for Dogs

GPS Dog Collars

Gps is a very popular technology used today. Gps can be used to track vehicles, people and even dogs! There are many options to choose from when selecting a GPS unit for a dog so it is important to be informed before purchasing

GPS for Dogs
The worst thing that we as a dog loving family went through was when our pet Pekingese found the yard gate open and went off on a solo adventure and could not find his way back. I’ll never forget the pain we went through, and my youngest cried himself to sleep for days. He did find his way back eventually after two weeks, and he was bedraggled and emaciated. We never did get to know where he went and how he found his way back, but one thing is for sure, we never want to go through that experience again.

That was a long time ago; we did not have technology to help us. Now we do in the form of GPS or Global Positioning Satellite. A GPS tracking system can, with the help of satellites help you to pinpoint the exact location of the object you are looking for, in this case your pet dog. You can get a GPS microchip installed in your pet. Don’t worry, it is not painful and it won’t cost much. Besides it is a onetime expense and lasts twenty-five years. You won’t need to constantly update it or maintain the equipment.

The microchip sends radio frequency waves, and does not need batteries. The microchip will be configured to have coded information like your name, your pet’s name, his breed, color etc. This can work as the identification of your pet. But it will not help track your pet. These chips are useful if some body finds your dog. By scanning the microchip they will instantly know exactly who the dog belongs to and can contact you.

In order to track exactly where your dog is you would need a GPS enabled dog collar. The collar will be programmed to let you know when the dog has run off from the assigned boundary that you consider safe. The device will them send you a text message, or an email or both. You will be told where the dog is and directions on how to get to him. The same message is sent to the company that is monitoring the GPS device and their recovery team who will guide you and assist you. The GPS Locator has another useful feature. If someone else has found your dog, the collar has a rescue button that the person can push to help locate the dog.

This device does not need complicated set ups. It is compact and very light and works on a removable and rechargeable battery. It is water resistant and so it won’t spoil in the rain. It comes equipped with a bright LED beacon you can see from a distance and a rescue button. The collar comes with company tag identification and the recovery team assistance service.

This is a wonderful development and is an excellent way to keep track of our fur babies. Once you have found your pet, the microchip can help identify it and verify that you are the owner.
Even though this is much more convenient and is a useful device, it is much better to ensure that the dog does not manage to run out on the road. It is simply not safe with all the traffic. It is far better to keep them home and safe.

When looking for a gps system for your dog you should look for the following.

Make sure the dogs gps collar is not to big - If your dog does not feel comfortable with the gps collar on he may find a way to take it off!

How long will the battery last on the dogs gps? - Battery life is important. Most batteries last between 2 - 10 days between recharges. This means that the dog gps collar would be perfect when going on a trip or taking the dog to a new area, however not as convenient for the dog to wear all the time!

What extra fees come with the dog gps tracking system - Some companies will charge a monthly fee or extra fees to locate your dog.

How accurate is the Dog gps tracking? - Some systems are more accurate than others

Can I track the dog myself? - Some companies allow you to use your dog gps system with your phone or any computer with an internet connection.

I hope you enjoyed this article about dog gps tracking systems. I am currently talking with a person who will offer dog gps in Canada. He has shown me a few models of collars and is just working on getting his site up!


Anonymous said...

I got a RoamEO GPS Dog Tracking and Locator System and love it!

Dog Breeds said...

it's a great idea to get a gps for my dog,where can i buy them? which one is the best?

Anonymous said...
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shelley said...

can you purchase a gps collar in canada? Ive been told they are illegal.
we lost our dog a couple of days ago and thankfully she found her way home... but we never want to go thru that again.
If you have any info I'd appreciate it.

Acerobert said...

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