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The Best Premium Dry Dog Foods

Premium Dry Dog Food

If you are searching for information on Premium Dog Food, then you are already aware that diet is really important for your pet’s health and well being. You are actually trying to find the extra "something" that your canine friend will love and will be happy with.

There is a wide variety of dog food available in the market, ranging from the supermarket dog food to expensive organic and all natural dog food and some premium brands. It makes the selection of the best dog food difficult. Moreover, your pooch might just be fussy and ignore the dog food because it does not taste good, even though the label says it is good for the dog. This makes the decision for the best premium dog food even more difficult. It is tempting to just pick up an economy brand of dog food and throw in a bit of meat and try to feed the dog. Just consider this, most supermarket brands contain a lot of fillers, preservatives and not enough protein. Soon your dog could get ill and you will probably spend more on the repeated visits to the vet than what you have saved on buying cheaper dog food.

Like us human beings, dogs deal with stress, age deteriorates their bones and teeth, and dogs are subject to pollution. Unlike you, dogs get their meals from only one source, i.e. you. So your dog is practically dependent on you to fulfill his/her dietary requirements. Most dogs can not forage for food, and dog most certainly can not stop at a café for a sandwich. It is up to you, the owner, to ensure that your dog gets his complete holistic nutrition from the food you provide. This is why it is important to pick the best dog food, which may be premium natural dog food.

While experts may differ on what complete holistic nutrition for canines is, they all agree that premium dog foods are better for dogs than the supermarket brands. Premium dog food is nutritionally better, easy to digest and your dog will need less food daily. Another added bonus is that you will not have to scoop out your yard as often! Many dog owners and studies have shown that dogs living on premium dog foods have brighter eyes, silkier coats, and they are not subject to skin ailments. Studies have found out that dogs on premium dog food (also known as natural dog food, organic dog food, holistic dog food, etc) are less prone to ticks and fleas. Moreover premium dog foods smell better to dogs, and dogs have hyper-active olfactory senses. Dogs, especially the picky eaters, eat their premium chow with gusto as compared to regular dog food.

Premium dog food is available both as wet and dry dog food. Again experts differ on this too. While most experts state that dry food is better since it does not allow plaque to accumulate on the teeth, and the stools are firmer, others suggest that if you feed your dog only dry food, it will put a strain on the pet’s kidney. You would have to check with your vet, or observe your pet and make your own decision. ( it should be noted that crunchy foods help clean your dogs teeth)

List of Premium Dog Foods

Below is a list of some Premium Dog foods with a short description of each. We have also attached another link at the bottom to a previous post of the top 5 dry dog foods.

Flint River Ranch Dog Food

This is a leading dog food brand, and is highly recommended. Their dog food is human grade (which means that humans can eat it too) and is very nutritious containing all the vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. Some dogs will beg for food, even if they are not hungry because they have nutritional deficiencies. Feeding them Flint River Ranch Dog Food will ensure that they will be properly fed.

Follow this link for our review of Flint River Ranch Dog food

Life’s Abundance Dog Food

Another all natural dog food, nutritionally enriched. It has a superior antioxidant formula and also gets the protein from 3 excellent sources ... egg, fish meal and chicken meal, and also has dried vegetables and fruits.

Pet Promise Dog Food

Made from free range organic chicken, it could be good but check with your vet since it has corn gluten, which definitely is not nutritious for dogs and brewers rice also has low nutritional value. Oat and barley are good nutritional sources for canines and the egg product is also rich in protein.

Solid Gold Dog Food

All Solid Gold foods are complete and balanced according to AAFCO guidelines. As per the Solid Gold website

Solid Gold dog food has been producing holistic, natural dog nutrition since 1974. Solid Gold has a line of nine dry dog foods, which includes their new high protein, low carbohydrate dry dog food, Barking at the Moon dog food. They also carry a line of canned dog as well as nutritional supplements, treats, and topical products such as skin creams for dog ailments.

Solid Gold specializes in the development of "low allergen" products, which work together to enhance total health in your dog, boost up your dogs immune system, and protect against disease. Solid Gold always uses wholesome USDA Choice meats, USDA grade I and II grains, and healthful monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils.

It should be noted that many pet owners have switched from this brand due to a recent formula change.

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  • Artemis Maximal Dog

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  • Horizon Legacy Adult Canine dry dog food

  • Naturapet Innova EVO (Large bites)
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