Thursday, September 3, 2009

Iams ProActive Health review - Prebiotics

Iams has just launched a new Prebiotic dog food, ProActive Health. Prebiotics are a great way to promote healthy bacteria in the stomach and a good digestive system. I am excited to hear about your experiences with Iams prebiotic dog food. If you have used Iams ProActive health before then please post below about your experience such as
  • How your dog reacted
  • Benefits of Iams ProActive Health with Prebiotics
  • Noticable changes in your dog (postive or negative)
  • Your overall experience
All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all the comments, you can see some of the reviews below. Also if you are looking to buy Iams dog food you can find some coupons on this Iams coupons site.  


Anonymous said...

I saw the commercials for this and got a bag. I switched my dog over and have not had any problems with it. I think it is a bit early to notice any major results (only been 2 weeks) but I will post back soon

Anonymous said...

This is the worst dog food ever. Do you wonder why this food used to be ONLY at the vet and now is all of sudden at Walmart and K-mart?? Do NOT feed your dog or cats Iams!!!

I am owner of two boxers and an eskie. Both boxers were sick for two days; they had diahrea and threw up. In addition, the eskie threw up all day. I know that some people are going to say that it's because "I changed their food," but this was after 5 days of buying the Iams brand.

I do not recommend this product.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 engilsh springer spanial 2 of them started throughing up un digested dog food after a few days.

Anonymous said...

It is not the worst puppy food out there (ie: Old Roy, Purina). I am an owner of a Blue Heeler, and he loves it. A few vets around here recommend it for the dog owner who is not a complete snob or made of money. It does have a few inappropriate ingrediants.

Call me crazy but easier access to puppy food is never a bad thing. Walmart sells far worse things than dog food (child slavery products). If it makes you feel better you can also pay higher prices for the same bag of food at most pet food stores.

The vomiting could be caused by such a quick change over-5 days is hardly giving the dog enough times to adjust. Or perhaps your dog has a sensitive stomach.

coffeeasap said...

I have lost one cat and two are now on i.v. fluids and enemas and over $3k in vet bills in two weeks due to this prebiotics iams dry cat food. my cat that died was vomiting after slowly integrating to new food. I thought it was usual hairballs then his stomach started ballooning out (not FIP folks) rock hard impacted bowels that drew every ounce of fluids out of him. he died after 3 1/2 weeks from very first day of new iams. The vet had to do many enemas and physically go in and manually break up rock hard stool so it could fit out...horrible. all my cats were completely healthy. it dehydrates...that's why all these reported animals vomit it back up and those were the lucky ones..atleast it didn't reach the lower bowels before the damage was done. My first cat got so dehydrated that his blood became thickened and he threw a blood clot to back legs. I would have written it off if it were just him as mother nature but all three cats I have are suffering, he ate the most so he was affecting the most. Now his brother and a much younger female I have are hanging on for their lives with I.V. fluids, medications to keep intestines moving, etc. Just horrible.

Anonymous said...

My dog has been eating regular canned chicken and rice for years and just loved it. Opened up a new can and he just ran from it. I thought it might have been bad so I tried another; same thing. Then I noticed this Pre-biotic thing and looked it up. If my dogs nose counts, this stuff must be bad.

Anonymous said...

was giving my my silky terrier pedigree and he had very bad gas, this dog food has solved all his problems. i strongly recommened this dog food. make the change gradual.

Anonymous said...

AWFUL - ran through my 20 lb dog within 1 hours. She's been having huge accidents through the house for 2 days and cant control it. So glad I found this site and realized it's the food before she wound up on IV. Do NOT recommend, especially for small dogs. She could've died.

Anonymous said...

My dog got very, very sick on the Iams with Prebiotics when they changed their formula and added the Prebiotics. I had to put him on antibiotics. Major diarrhea with mucus. Be Careful!!! Vet said his reaction had to be from this.