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Flint River Ranch Dog Food

Flint River Ranch Dog Food Review and Information

Natural, easily digested dog food

Flint River Ranch dog food prides itself in manufacturing a food that is all natural and slowly oven baked under tightly supervised conditions. The end result is a natural dog food that is easily digested by your dog and/or puppy and has a high level of key vitamins and minerals. Per their website, Flint River dog food is “dedicated to the holistic well-being of your beloved family companions.” In addition, Flint River both guarantees their product and its all natural ingredients. They are quick to point out what their dog foods don't have: by-products, chemical preservatives, and artificial flavoring and coloring.

Flint River Ranch dog food varieties

Like with all dog foods, Flint River Ranch gives consumers a wide variety to choose from; for both puppies and adult dogs they offer the Original Flint River Ranch Oven-Baked Kibble or Nugget Canine Formula, Dry Water “Ultra Fresh Innovations,” Flint River Ranch Lamb Meal, Flint River Ranch Millet & Rice Ultra Premium Canine Formula, Flint River Ranch Fish & Chips Trout and Potato Formula, and Flint River Ranch Senior LITE and Senior Plus Adult Canine Formula. Each of these premium foods is made with blends of meat proteins, fruits, herbs, grains, and vitamins and minerals.

Choosing the right dry dog food

With the abundance of dog foods on the market, it can be difficult to make an informed decision about what you think your dog and/or puppy should be eating. I am sure you will find as many opinions, as there are dog foods in trying to determine what to buy. Despite all the 'confusion' and choice, dog food manufacturers have made feeding your dog a relatively simple task. You only need to decide which brand to buy, how much to feed your dog and whether the dog likes the food. The cost is often the final consideration, but don't let that compromise the nutritional quality of your dog food.

While federal law requires that all pet food manufacturers provide a list of ingredients on the package, those lists will only give you a rough idea of the quality of the food. For example, protein in dog food is derived from both meat and poultry but they are not all the same quality and digestibility. Just because beef or some other protein is mentioned on the package, doesn't mean it guarantees the quality.

In general, most dog food manufacturers will label their dog food with something like “beefy chunks” which means that the actual amount of protein your dog will derive from that food is far less than the required 95%. It is for precisely this reason, one can rely on Flint River Ranch.

Flint River Ranch foods give dogs and puppies a high-quality diet and they are using ingredients that are highly digestible and have good to excellent nutrient availability. In Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips, Trout and Potato formula you will not find the four most common allergens for dogs(corn, wheat, chicken and soy) which is found in most commercial dog food. These have been left out of the ingredients which results in a meal that is ideal for dogs with skin or food-related allergies.

If you are one to insist on feeding your dog or puppy a homemade diet, then giving them Flint River Ranch Dog Food is the closest you will come to that homemade quality. Getting a correct nutritional balance in dog food can be rather tricky. In the handling of raw meats, it must be done carefully in order to prevent bacterial disease such as salmonella – which can affect dogs. As well, the careful storage, thawing and hygiene in handling all the right ingredients are really essential in preventing potential health problems. Since the average dog owner doesn't have the time or nutritional background to prepare their own dog food, why not rely on the professionals at Flint River Ranch?

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